December Staff Senate Spotlight

Megan Cunningham

Assistant Director for Student Life, Honors College

How long have you worked at UNT?

I have worked at UNT since Nov. 30, 2015 ... but no one is counting.

What department do you work in and what does your position entail?

I work for the Honors College as the Assistant Director for Student Life. In my role I plan and host social, academic and professional development programs.

What do you like about your position?

I love that every day is different. I am the first person to hold this position which means I had the opportunity to design a role that not only fits me, but also serves the students.

What is your favorite place to eat on campus?

Avesta! It is a great place.

If someone new came in and wanted to know something that no one else at UNT would know, what would you tell them?

My tip for new people is to find a way to get involved outside of your department.

Tell us something about you.

My dog Franklin is my favorite human. I place high value on friendships. I can binge read for days but can barely make it through an episode of a TV show.