Senators 2019-20


Chair: Suzan Cruz  |  Crumley Hall, Room 187 | Ext. 8223
Chair-elect: Charlotte Cooke  |  Union, Room 418  |  Ext. 3818
Parliamentarian: Allison Peeler  |  University Services Building | Ext. 3511
Secretary/Treasurer: Megan Cunningham  | Sage Hall, Room 320A | Ext. 2405
Communications Coordinator: Lisa Cuevas  |  Library Annex, Room 130 | Ext. 2517
Past Chair – ex officio: Katie McCoy  |  Murchison Performing Arts Center | Ext. 8972


Athletics: Alexis Guess, Connor Meier
Division of Advancement: Jesse McBroom, Erin McKinnis
Division of Enrollment: Abby Crow-Walker, Craig Howard, Monique Scales
Division of Equity and Diversity: Alisha Carter Harris
Division of Finance and Administration: Kaitlin Anderson, Emily Gautraud, Stephanie McDonald, Koby Osowski, Justin Stewart, Margarita Venegas
Division of Provost: Aaron Anderson, Amanda Bennett, Natalie Bernard, Elizabeth Berry, Stacy Buchanan, Lisa Cuevas, Chris Cunningham, Megan Cunningham, Allyson Gardner, Karen Goss, Kayla Green, Katie McCoy, Audra O'Neal
Division of Research: Steven Tudor
Division of Student Affairs: Devin Axtman, Charlotte Cooke, Suzan Cruz, Corey Davidson, Amy Ferman, David Klein, Latrice Owens Moore
Division of University Relations, Communications & Marketing: Allison Peeler, Jim Rogers
President’s Office: Louise Dunn