Senators 2021-22


Chair: Elizabeth Berry  | Hurley Administration Building, 207 | Ext. 5240
Chair-elect: Megan Cunningham | Hall Park A109 | 972-668-7353
Parliamentarian: Quortina Phipps | Hickory Hall, 283 | Ext. 6511
Secretary/Treasurer: Jamie Brand | ESSC, 228
Communications Coordinator: Adam Chavez | Discovery Park E290 | Ext. 4743
Assesment Coordinator: Amaya Spencer | General Academic Building, 210 | Ext. 2046
Past Chair – ex officio: Charlotte Cooke  |  Union, 418 | Ext. 3818


Athletics: Reginald Johnson, Alic'a Oliver
Division of Advancement: Megan Henry, Mary Howard
Division of Compliance and Ethics/President's Office: Asa Johnson
Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation: Benjamin Nye
Division of Enrollment: Jamie Brand, Dakota Buchanan, Latrice Moore
Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity: James Jackson
Division of Finance and Administration: Karen Ishee, Kathy Neira, Rob Pearson, George Stieren, David Causey, and one vacancy
Division of Provost: Ann Bartts, Maria Baylock, John Bellon, Elizabeth Berry, Adam Chavez, Rekha Gopalakrishnan, Katie Hebert, Kristi Klusman, Quortina Phipps, Amaya Spencer, Joshua Sylve
Division of Research: Katie Herring
Division of Student Affairs: Amy Armstrong, Lauren Burton, Mariana Caldera, Wendy Comfort, Charlotte Cookie, Megan Cunningham, Amy Ferman, Dana Sachs
Division of University Brand Strategy and Communication: Lee Davis, Heather Noel 

Staff Senate Assistant 

Isabella Zeitz

Site Manager

Adam Chavez

Spanish Translators

Annie Garcia, Kemper Rao