Senators 2023-2024


Chair: Quortina Phipps (she/her/hers)
Chair-Elect: Brittany Landau (she/her/hers)
Past Chair: Megan Cunningham (she/her/hers)
Secretary: Megan Wheeler 
Communications Coordinator: Kara Ottinger (she/her/hers)
Parliamentarian: Anna Phelan (she/her/hers)
Assessment Coordinator: Taylor Jordan (she/her/hers)


  • Suzannie Dickensen
Division of Advancement
  • Alexis Clingan
  • Christopher Vicks
Division of University Integrity and Compliance
  • Toni Sorsdal
Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation
  • Stephanie Myers
Division of Enrollment Management
  • Lucy Mwanzia
Division of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access
  • Emily Costello
Division of Finance and Administration
  • David Causey
  • Tammy McDaniel
  • John McIntire
  • Herman McKeiver
  • Briana Taylor
Office of the Provost
  • Alex Ames
  • John Bellon
  • Amber Brasher
  • Tracie Frey
  • Rekha Gopalakrishnan
  • Katie Jenkins
  • Taylor Jordan
  • Tori Merkle
  • Anna Phelan
  • Quortina Phipps
  • Madison Russel
Division of Research and Innovation
  • Sarah Romack
Division of Student Affairs
  • Wendy Comfort
  • Katie Hermes
  • Christi Hestand
  • Pamela Jackson
  • Brittany Landau
  • Kara Ottinger
Division of University Brand Strategy and Communication
  • Allicia Washington-White
Division of Planning 
  • Parker Ellis
Division of Enterprise Systems
  • Matt Wierzbicki
Office of the President
  • Megan Wheeler

Staff Senate Assistant 

Rachel Ellison, Senior Assistant 

Site Manager

Kara Ottinger