About the Staff Senate


The mission of the Staff Senate is to:

  • continue to foster communication within the campus community;
  • refer issues and inform the university administration on items that are of interest to the staff;
  • advance the university's mission
  • improve the delivery of services to the university's constituencies


UNT's Staff Senate was established in fall 1999. It was formerly called the UNT Staff Council. In March 2013, staff members voted to change its name to Staff Senate. Elected members represent and provide service to over 2,300 staff members at UNT.

The UNT Staff Senate is the vehicle for peer leadership among the university staff. The senate is made up of 33 elected members who represent more than 2,300 staff employees. Senate members receive input from and provide feedback to an assigned group of employees, who are considered their "constituents." The Senate meets six times per year in the general session and the organization’s executive committee meets five times per year.

Resource for answers and action

Sometimes a staff member or group of staff has an issue or concern which they believe needs to be addressed but they are unsure of how to proceed or who to contact. Staff Senate can be a resource for answers about how things work and why and who to go to for additional information. In some cases, the council can consider whether a concern should be reviewed by a Staff Senate committee for possible recommendations to the administration. Issues which have been brought before the Staff Senate for consideration include the need for and creation of compensatory leave, continuance of the Faculty and Staff Scholarship program, increasing the reclassification allocation for staff, revisions to the campus smoking policy, and administrative leave as a staff award program.

Thinking big

It is important for staff members to develop a vision of UNT’s mission and to more fully understand how the institution is contributing to the North Texas region. It is also important for Staff Senate to uphold the efforts of the institution to develop all employees and the efforts of individuals as they personally take charge of their skill improvement.

We believe that quality education would not occur without the commitment of the university staff and without all the varied services and systems of operation in place here at UNT. It is important for all staff members to realize that we are a vital part of the education process — even if we are not in the classroom. Valuable learning occurs outside the classroom and all staff members can contribute to that end — through role-modeling civility and appropriate behavior, helping students value the exchange of ideas, and helping students develop as members of the human community.

Service Leadership

We believe that Senate members should serve each other and the institution. We believe that the best leaders are first great servants and that the principles of servant leadership should guide our efforts. We are constantly looking for opportunities to serve — whether flipping burgers at the University picnic, building a homecoming parade float, representing the staff on university committees, addressing issues of concern to staff regarding reward systems, compensation or benefits, or encouraging participation in the blood drive. We believe as Senate members that all members of the UNT community should go beyond simply providing service; we should be providing graciousness and hospitality.


We believe that it is important for senate members at UNT to help establish and support the campus culture at UNT. Senate members and their constituents are encouraged to participate in UNT traditions and activities, such as homecoming and the annual Faculty and Staff Picnic, as well as find opportunities to begin new ones.


We believe that UNT should be a fun place to work. Celebrations, recognitions, and opportunities to gather and enjoy each other’s camaraderie are always important to the health of an institution. Senators attend various faculty and staff gatherings, including the Faculty and Staff Picnic, the annual Staff Convocation, homecoming, retirement luncheons and other events.