Staff Success Library

The Staff Success Library is a new a hub for literature-based professional and personal development for all staff on the timeline that works for you. Check-out a book from a wide variety of categories--you can even put in a request for new titles!

How it Works

  1. Review our library online and choose what book(s) you would like to rent with the Check-Out Request Form.
  2. Submit the request form. You'll receive confirmation of your request immediately and a follow-up email from the Staff Senate letting you know when your chosen title(s) will be available.
  3. Receive your order via campus mail or direct delivery--including the main Denton campus, Discovery Park, the Kristin Farmer Autism Center, and Hall Park.
  4. When you're done, send your book back in the mail or arrange a pick-up/drop-off with the Senate. Instructions are included with each book.

Library Policies

  • Staff members are allowed to have up to two books at a time.
  • The standard check-out period is four weeks, but you can request an extension after you've had the title for two weeks. Extensions will generally be honored unless we have a queue of others waiting for that title.
  • Staff members may request additional titles be added to the library for future use with the New Inventory Request Form, and the Staff Senate Executive Committee will regularly monitor these requests and make new purchases when possible. Not all requests may be granted due to budgetary restrictions. 
  • When new titles are available, they will be announced on the Staff Senate website and newsletter.

Library Categories
Please click on each category to review its current titles.

Check-Out Request Form:

New Inventory Request Form: