April Staff Senate Spotlight

Devin Axtman

Student Services Coordinator, Office of Disability Access

How long have you worked at UNT?

I have worked full time at UNT since 2015, but I have worked at UNT since 2011 in various positions as a student employee.

What department do you work in and what does your position entail?

I am a Student Services Coordinator for the Office of Disability Access.  I help students with all aspects of disability accommodations, from determining eligibility to coordinating accommodations and speaking to professors. I also work to spread disability awareness on campus.

What do you like about your position?

The best part is working with students and sharing in that moment when they realize their success. I am the staff advisor for Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society and I love seeing students recognized for their achievements.

What is your favorite place to eat on or near campus?

I would have to say Avesta.  Especially when they have their chocolate cake!

If someone new came in and wanted to know something that no one else at UNT would know, what would you tell them?

There is one fridge on campus that sells Dr. Pepper.  It is in the Corner Store in the Union and it is on the far right side of the drink wall.

Tell us something about you.

I am a huge fan of the Sport of Kings, Professional Wrestling.