Bylaws and Elections Committee



Stephanie McDonald, Policy Manager, Administrative Services

Corey Davidson, Student Services Coordinator, Career Center

Committee Goals 2017-18       2018-2019 goals coming soon!

•    Add details of the Graduate Assistant duties to the current procedure manual
•    Plan and execute the 2018 election process from January to May
          - Create a written step-by-step election process to be added to the manual
          - Coordinate with CC to maintain accurate constituency pool list
•    Review procedures annually and conduct research as assigned by the Executive Committee
•    Manage officer elections in August of 2018
•    Assist with committee assignments for new senators in summer of 2018

The Bylaws and Elections Committee shall

i. Research and present bylaw changes, as needed.

ii. Assist each administrative unit with the elections process.

iii. Manage the Staff Senate officer election process.


Travis Craig, Corey Davidson, Brandi Everett, Katie Jenkins, Stephanie McDonald, Allison Peele


Reference Consent Agenda, Oct. 10, 2017

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