February Staff Senate Spotlight

Steven Tudor

Director of Licensing, Office of Research and Innovation

How long have you worked at UNT?

I have been here almost 3 years (May).

What department do you work in and what does your position entail?

I work in the newly named and restructured “Research Commercial Agreements” department under the Division of Research and Innovation. I am the Director of Licensing, which means I manage all of the university’s research intellectual property. I also have a role in negotiating research-related contracts.

What do you like about your position?

I like that I get to use both my research and legal backgrounds to help faculty commercialize their research results, discoveries and inventions. I also enjoy interacting with companies to move research forward in a meaningful way.

What is your favorite place to eat on or near campus?

Definitely Oriental Garden – Pad Kee Mow with medium spice.

If someone new came in and wanted to know something that no one else at UNT would know, what would you tell them?

Dress in layers – every building has its own microclimate.

Tell us something about you.

In high school, I played in a golf tournament at the Eagle Point Golf Course that is now occupied by Apogee Stadium.