January Staff Senate Spotlight

Picture of Daisy GillamDaisy Gillam

Assistant Director of Events, Career Center

How long have you worked at UNT?

I’ve worked at UNT for 11 years—five years as a student worker and six years as full time staff. My work study student employment on campus made me the professional I am today!

What is your department and what does your position entail?

I’m the Assistant Director of Events at the Career Center. I coordinate with employers to help them recruit on campus, which includes assisting with interviews and hosting career fairs and events. I work as a part of our amazing Employer Development Team to ensure employers get to campus to hire our students and have a great experience while they’re here!

What do you like about your position?

Oddly, I love the chaos. No two days are the same and even if I go into the day with a plan, I may or may not get to see that plan to the end. It’s important to think on my feet and pivot as needed, especially during career fairs. When the day is over and the job is done, your feet hurt like crazy, but you know you’ve made an amazing event for students and employers and pulled it all out of chaos into something organized. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling.

What is your favorite place to eat on or around campus?

I try to bring my lunch if possible, but if I just want a quick lunch with friends, Fera’s is the place to go. The waitress is also partial owner with her husband, the chef, and they’re both sweethearts. The food is hot, good and well priced. Their chicken Caesar salad is delicious!

Tell us something about yourself!

I cannot keep my hands still and am a crafting fiend. When I get home, I can usually be found exploring one of any of my favorite crafts: crochet, origami, sewing (badly), beading, jewelry making… I’ve recently tried my hand at embroidery, and also love 3D puzzles. If, for some reason, I need a break from crafting, all of my favorite games on Steam are ready and waiting for me!