Staff Senate Nomination Form

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Candidates are responsible for receiving supervisor approval before running in any Staff Senate election. Please direct your supervisor to the Supervisor Approval Form located at after completing this form. 

All nominees provide a profile to accompany their name on the ballot. Please review the information below to help guide the information constituents generally consider before casting their vote and submit your profile.

Why are you nominating yourself to be on the Staff Senate? Possible factors for consideration include how your work experience would benefit the Senate and your constituents, the benefit of a representative from this department, what aspects of the UNT community and/or staff experience you want to contribute to or improve, and how you plan to connect with your constituents. You may also include any other information you think would be beneficial for constituents to know when making their selections during the election.

There is no minimum length and a maximum of 500 words. Average responses are generally about 100-250 words.