November 2019 Staff Senate Spotlight

Alexis Guess

Assistant Director for Academic Services, Athletics

How long have you worked at UNT?

I have worked at UNT for 1 year.

What department do you work in and what does your position entail?

I am one of the Assistant Directors for Academic Services in the Athletics Department. I am responsible for making sure that my assigned student-athletes are completing the requirements for their designated majors, as well as meeting (and exceeding) NCAA academic benchmarks.

What do you like about your position?

I like helping my student-athletes navigate college as I enjoy watching them learn and grow every day.

What is your favorite place to eat on or around campus?

The Square has many delicious restaurants, but my favorites are Rusty Taco and Gyro 360.

If someone new came in and wanted to know something about UNT, what would you tell them?

At my previous institution, I worked with an UNT alumna and another one of my coworkers was from Denton. Coincidentally, I was wearing black and green in my head shot as well.

Tell us something about you.

I love conspiracy theories!