November Staff Senate Spotlight

Charlotte Cooke

Administrative Payroll & Accounts Receivable Coordinator, University Union

How long have you worked at UNT?

Over 5 years now.

What department do you work in and what does your position entail?

I work in the University Union as an Administrative Payroll & Accounts Receivable Coordinator where I maintain payroll/timekeeping for the Union, Coliseum, Gateway Center, and Center of Student Affairs at Discovery Park. I also oversee all receivables for these areas and their subsidiaries.

What do you like about your position?

I love the atmosphere of being involved and interacting with such a diverse population. I get to meet, share and know so many, whether they are students, departments, or community.

What is your favorite place to eat on or around campus?

I like the Chat and Kerr Dining Hall. They both have so many different options and variety of cuisines. I love that I am able to choose anything between a light and fresh meal to a good old home-cooked comfort meal.

If someone new came in and wanted to know something about UNT, what would you tell them?

My first experience of UNT and one of my best memories was back in 1988 when visiting my best friend who was going to school here.

Tell us something about you.

I play several musical instruments and I have been a sports official for over 20 years in North Texas in basketball, baseball, softball & volleyball.