Senators 2020-21


Chair: Charlotte Cooke  |  Union, Room 418 | Ext. 3818
Chair-elect: Elizabeth Berry  | Sage Hall, Room 170 | Ext. 7006
Parliamentarian: Allyson Gardner  |  Sage Hall, Room 170 | Ext. 7006
Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Ferman  | Sage Hall, Room 202 | Ext. 2622
Communications Coordinator: Alexis Guess  |  Student-Athlete Academic Center, Room 156 | Ext. 4404
Past Chair – ex officio: Suzan Cruz  |  Crumley Hall, Room 187 | Ext. 8223


Athletics: Alexis Guess, Vacant
Division of Advancement: Jesse McBroom, Erin McKinnis
Division of Compliance and Ethics: Asa Johnson
Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation: Benjamin Nye
Division of Enrollment: Dakota Buchanan, Craig Howard, Monique Scales
Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity: Alex Yarbo
Division of Finance and Administration: Kaitlin Anderson, Julie Elliott, Rob Pearson, George Stieren, Daniela Valdez
Division of Provost: Ann Bartts, Amanda Bennett, Natalie Bernard, Elizabeth Berry, Adam Chavez, Allyson Gardner, Kristi Klusman, Rekha Nair, Katie Hebert, Alexis Roberson, Amaya Spencer, Joshua Sylve
Division of Research: Steven Tudor
Division of Student Affairs: Amy Armstrong, Devin Axtman, Lauren Burton, Charlotte Cooke, Suzan Cruz, Amy Ferman, Dana Sachs, Quortina Phipps
Division of University Brand Strategy and Communication: Lee Davis, Jim Rogers
President’s Office: TBD

Staff Senate Assistant 

Chuka Okose