Senate Spotlight Award Recipient

May 2018 Senate Spotlight

Kathy Bomar

Kathy Bomar

Administrative Coordinator, Honors College

How did you get to UNT?

We had kids in college and once they graduated, I planned to start on my college degree and make use of the employee price break.

What advice would you give to a new staff member?

Breathe, count and breathe. If you are entering from a non-academic workforce, the way things are done can be confusing and overwhelming. But just breathe.  I would tell new folks (back when we had HRM6s) everything is correctable with a HRM6. Now we can fix it with an ePar or eLeave. Ask questions and learn that sometimes you just have to say “OK” about how or why things are done the way they are. Trust the system as it is, suggest the changes and be patient. Change does not happen quickly but it does happen constantly at UNT.

What do you do at UNT?

By way of Computer Science and Engineering and Mechanical and Energy Engineering, I am now with TAMS/Honors College. I attempt to keep faculty and staff on the right track with payroll, eLeave and ePars. I deal with job postings and new hires. I also oversee the Pcard program and front area in our department. More importantly, I would hope that if you asked any of my coworkers what I do, they would say whatever we ask her to or whatever she sees that needs to be done.

What is your favorite part of working at UNT?

The Flex and Family. I love that we can work flextime and that family is important. That when things come up with Home Family, Work Family steps up and is willing to adjust to help out a coworker. TAMS/Honors College folks have each other’s back. I truly feel that when I leave home each day and come to TAMS/Honors College I am just heading to my work home, to work family.  

What is your favorite off campus lunch spot?

Taco Casa