Campus Resources: Professional Development, Special Services, Financial

Drupal Training

Drupal content management system training is available for staff members who have login rights to any UNT department website that uses Drupal. For more information, contact the Drupal Training group. Training is held each month.
Chilton Hall, Room 207 | For information email Monica Scott-Taliaferro at

Learn Spanish • Aprender Inglés

The President's EDGE program includes English language acquisition and computer skills for any staff member, regardless of their academic or language abilities.  For more information please visit The President's EDGE

Office of Disability Access

Staff with a disability or access need, whether ADA-related or concerned with educational access and accommodations, can reach out to the Office of Disability Access. The office also provides referrals for diagnostic evaluations.
Sage Hall, Room 167 | 940-565-4323

Mediation at UNT

Mediation at UNT is a voluntary process that can help individuals find mutually agreed upon solutions to job-related interpersonal disputes between faculty, administrators, and/or staff. You can request mediation by filling out a request form here. If you have questions about mediation, send an email to

Problem Solving Concierge

UNT's Problem Solving Concierge helps faculty and staff navigate barriers and makes connections to the university offices and divisions that can help you work toward resolution. 

If you experience organizational, functional or process problems at the university, division or department level that negatively affect the university or your work, you can fill out the form and describe the challenges you're facing.

For more information email or fill out a webform on the concierge’s website.


Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition, fees and third-party charges for UNT. They also issue UNT ID cards, administer payment plans, process refunds and issue short-term loans to eligible students. 
Eagle Student Services Center, Room 105 | 940-565-3225

Faculty, Staff, and Dependent Scholarship

The University is committed to promoting development and assisting faculty and staff in pursuing higher education for themselves and their dependents. Please visit the forms page in Student Financial Services to find the form and criteria information for faculty/staff and for faculty/staff dependent.

In general, the total amount of the scholarship includes the Board Designated Tuition (excluding any Graduate Board Authorized Tuition), Differential Tuition and Mandatory Fees assessed. The recipients must pay all Statutory Tuition (resident or non-resident), any Graduate Board Authorized Tuition and all academic, instructional and program fees by the designated due date each semester/session.
Student Financial Services, Eagle Student Services Center, Room 105 | 940-565-3225